Synergist Production Systems (SPS) is a dynamic projects based solution that simplifies production and enhances quality to increase profit. SPS provides an unprecedented solution for the entertainment industry, automating the production process and integrating budget, schedule, and actuals. Synergist is a full service IT business consulting company with its own software solution, providing applications hosting and financing. Our first turnkey solution includes:
Media and entertainment industry functionality that automates the entire production process saving time in preproduction planning, decreasing set-up time in the shooting of every scene, and providing needed visibility into the status of post-production. A comprehensive Oracle applications ERP foundation with financials, project manufacturing, human resource management, procurement, customer relationship management (CRM), and distribution, configured to leverage entertainment industry best practices in the fully integrated industry specific modules.
Cost savings that can be used to shoot more footage of higher quality that will increase the likelihood of better content achieving higher revenue. Comparison of actuals to budget and schedule on a single screen view to provide producers, directors, and executives with real-time performance monitoring.